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Cannabis has been used in many forms for centuries by humans, and we’re extremely delighted to be able to share and continue the tradition and experience with you. We have been connoisseurs of Cannabis for a long time, and we want to indulge you in the best products the market has to offer. Hand-picked and curated for each pallet and craving, we make sure your Cannabinoid receptors are satiated!


Cannabis might be our greatest passion, but the cherry on top is our customer service and the experience we like to impart. We want you to feel welcomed, looked after and leave with new found knowledge and a good “tell me your best customer service experience” story you can use for later!


Canada has come a long way to have cannabis as a part of our culture, and we’re proud and humbled to be involved. We were conceptualized in 2019 and we look forward to the years to come. We welcome the ever growing industry and the technology it brings with it and we promise to let you have access to the preeminent products the market has to offer.

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