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At Century Cannabis, we’ve seen more and more of our customers make the switch from smoking to vaping. While considered less harmful than smoking, vapes are also wonderfully portable, convenient and discreet. Offering a range of cartridges, disposables, strains, high CBD ratios, and potent THC levels, we prove the search for the perfect vape doesn’t need to be complicated.

Vape Pens & Cartridges in Toronto, ON

With vape pens and cartridges continually innovating and improving, enjoying the exceptional therapeutic properties and effects of cannabis has never been easier. We’re all about what you prefer and finding the ideal strain for you. Shop indicas, sativas and hybrids from Pure Sunframs, Ace Valley, GREYBEARD and the brands everyone is excited about. Visit Century Cannabis at our welcoming dispensary or opt for delivery anywhere across Toronto, ON.

Vaping allows hits of cannabis at lower temperatures, offering a smooth experience with far less throat and lung irritation. The odor is minimal and dissipates very quickly. The pens are slim, compact and extremely easy to use. With every puff, you know what you’re getting and how much. Clear labeling, a knowledgeable staff and exacting standards of selection for our shelves takes the worry out of your choices when you buy from Century Cannabis.

Turn to Century Cannabis for all your vaping needs!

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