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Types of Cannabis Strains


Sativa plants are primarily found in hot, dry climates and can grow upwards of twelve feet. Taking longer to mature than most other types of cannabis, the plants produce thin, finger-shaped leaves. Typically offering lower doses of CBD and higher doses of THC, sativa-dominant strains are associated with a “mind high.”

A perfect option for daytime symptom relief, sativas can boost creativity and productivity. They are generally uplifting and create an energizing effect. A great choice for activities that include social interaction or physical activity, sativa strains are a favorite of medical marijuana patient. They can be helpful for feeling relaxed and getting relief.

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Native to harsh, dry climates such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, cannabis indica plants grow short and stocky. They produce bushy greenery and leaves that are wide and broad. Indicas mature faster than sativas and provide more buds. Generally offering higher levels of CBD without sacrificing THC content, indica-dominant strains are associated with a “body high.”

Indica strains are the perfect choice for night time use. Along with creating a relaxed state, indica options can help settle stomachs. Some common effects include feeling happy, talkative, sleepy and hungry.

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Cannabis growers and breeders continue to produce new and unique strains from varying combinations of parent plants. Typically grown on farms or in greenhouses for the sake of specific effects, the appearance of hybrid strains depends on its origins. The process of mixing sativa and indica characteristics allows for daytime or nighttime use and can include a high THC percentage.

Hybrid effects are determined by the genetics of the parent plants and are great for all-around use. They are typically classified as sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or balanced. Effects can start with the “mind high” of sativa strains and gradually deliver the “body high” of indica strains. Due to cross-breeding, hybrids offer versatility, sometimes creating an energizing, uplifting effect or making you feel relaxed and hungry.

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