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Recreational Cannabis

Is cannabis legal in Toronto? Yes. Following Canada’s federal legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018, it is legal to buy, possess and use recreational cannabis in Canada. While each province has its own rules, Ontario marijuana laws allow for adults 19 years and older to purchase, possess and consume recreational and medical cannabis (limited to 30 grams at any one time).

Cannabis laws in Toronto

Recreational Cannabis Laws in Toronto, ON

According to Ontario marijuana laws, cannabis consumption is legal in the following settings:

  • Designated smoking areas in hotels
  • Outdoor public places, without violating other consumption restrictions such as proximity to a school or hospital.
  • Private residences
  • Private vehicles, including boats, in accordance with other legal requirements for the type of vehicle
  • Research labs and testing facilities
  • Specifically designated consumption areas

It is not currently legal to smoke or vape cannabis in the following settings:

  • Enclosed public environments
  • Hospitals, hospices and other care facilities
  • Indoor common areas
  • Non-designated indoor areas
  • Outdoor areas in close proximity to government buildings, recreational facilities, parks, restaurants, bars, sports and entertainment facilities.
  • Publicly owned areas
  • Schools or anywhere children typically gather
  • Sheltered outdoor areas, including bus shelters

Please be aware that the province of Ontario imposes severe penalties for impaired driving.

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