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Century Cannabis is your destination in Toronto & the surrounding area for quality recreational cannabis. Whether you’re looking for CBD products, THC potency, unique terpenes, full-spectrum benefits, or browsing for something new, we meet your needs and ensure a rewarding experience. Step inside a newly built dispensary designed to welcome and elevate comfort and enjoy our attention to customer service.

Cannabis in Toronto

The Highest Quality Cannabis Products

Feeling uncertain? Have questions? Not sure where to begin? Century Cannabis is right where you belong, whether you’re getting started or are well-acquainted with cannabis. Our staff is made up of cannabis connoisseurs who are happy to consult, chat and recommend. If time is limited, take advantage of our conveniences such as ATM on-site, online ordering, in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and delivery across Toronto, ON.

Both in-store and online, we offer an outstanding array of options, including:

  • Accessories – We’ve got bongs, papers, lighters, grinders, vape batteries and an extensive list of accessories to expedite and improve cannabis consumption methods.
  • Beverages – Try out our refreshing sparkling waters, tonics, sodas, iced tea and powders for both taste and effects.
  • Capsules – Easy-to-swallow capsules couldn’t be simpler, more portable or discreet and are available in a variety of CBD and THC options.
  • Cartridges – For incredible potency, flavor and as a healthier alternative and more discreet alternative to smoking our vapes are an excellent choice
  • Concentrates – For versatility, terpenes and maximized cannabinoids, our concentrates are exceptional.
  • Edibles – Chocolates, drinks, capsules, chews and more provide simple and tasty dosing with long-lasting effects.
  • Flower – There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment and effects of traditional flower and our selection suits every taste, including popular favorites such as Pink Kush and Alien SinMint Cookies.
  • Pre-rolls – Available in singles and packs, our pre-rolls ensure expert rolling, consistency and out-of-this-world terpenes.
  • Oils – For optimal concentration and a variety of THC/CBD ratios, our oils are so simple, so portable and so perfect.
  • Topicals – Cannabis infused cream goes on smooth, is absorbed by the skin and offers a soothing effect everyone can appreciate.
  • Vape pens – For something simple, satisfying and convenient for those on-the-go, vape pens cater to your lifestyle.

Stop by Century Cannabis today for all your marijauna needs!

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