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Shop with Century Cannabis in-store or choose delivery and always enjoy easy access to an exceptional, diverse and rewarding selection of cannabis products. We cater to the needs of newcomers as well as enthusiasts, offering opportunities for consumption methods, THC levels, popular strains, favorite terpenes and best sellers.

Centrally located in Toronto & the surrounding area, Century Cannabis provides a secure, professional and inviting environment where you can comfortably ask questions, gain insight and delve into the exciting world of cannabis. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and assistance. While determining which products are perfect for you may take some experimentation and adjustment, the opportunities and benefits are incredible.

Familiarizing yourself with our array of products ensures an informed choice. Knowing what effects you’re looking for helps to narrow the search. Your experience level, preferences and tolerance all factor into your purchase. From vapes to edibles, our dispensary has it all. By supporting an extensive menu with uncompromising quality, Century Cannabis is where you pursue holistic healing and happiness with confidence. We are an easy and enjoyable stop from anywhere across Toronto, ON.

Our methods of cannabis consumption include:


– Most well-known and a continued best seller, flower offers an incredible selection of indicas, sativas and hybrids. Once cultivated, harvested, dried and cured, smokable bud can be fashioned into a joint or blunt, smoked out of a pipe or by way of the water of a bong. Because the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream via the lungs, onset of effects is almost immediate. The high bioavailability further delivers a greater percentage of cannabinoids into your system.

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– Most everyone is familiar with gummies and brownies. How about sparkling water, caramel pretzel bites, white chocolate and cookies? A nearly endless menu of delicious, cannabis-infused edibles offer a smoke-free and oh-so-easy method. There’s no special gear required, and you can decide precisely how much THC or CBD you want to consume. With absorption through the digestive tract, effects take from 20 minutes to three hours to be fully realized, can be more intense and tend to linger for 4 to 6 hours.

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– A type of extract created by steeping the cannabis plant in alcohol, tinctures are portable, discreet and with proper storage, provide a long shelf-life. A dropper allows for accurate dosing. Typically a few drops are placed under the tongue, absorbed by way of the blood vessels and deliver effects within 15 minutes. When the liquid is swallowed or added to foods or beverages, the effects are delayed.


– CBD cream, bath fizz and intimacy oils avoid psychoactive effects while offering the lovely fragrances and further benefits of essential oils. Cannabis-infused topicals are typically applied directly to the skin, where the cannabinoids absorb for localized benefits. They are used for everything from relaxation and pain relief to sexual stimulation and treatment of insect bites.

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