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With over 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, we’re still realizing the unique effects and potential of each one. THC and CBD have gotten a lot of attention and rightly so, but what about the lesser known chemical compounds? Don’t overlook the therapeutic benefits of CBG. Cannabigerol or CBG is found in full-spectrum CBD products, such as edibles and carts. It is extracted by way of hydrocarbons or CO2, isolated and then purified to remove unwanted compounds.

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CBG doesn’t produce the intensity of psychoactive effects as THC. Instead, it’s associated with uplifting, calming or relaxing properties and a great choice for treating anxiety or depression, reducing pain and inflammation and combating tumor growth and seizures. Known for anti-microbial characteristics, CBG is a helpful remedy for infections and also works as a powerful appetite stimulant.

CBG edibles and carts provide a simple option for beginners as well as long-time cannabis enthusiasts. Shopping at Century Cannabis opens up possibilities, elevates quality and ensures satisfaction. Our CBG gummies are available in wonderful flavors, avoid psychoactive effects and are always a popular choice. We encourage you to visit us, ask questions and learn more. To accommodate hectic schedules, try the convenience of our weed delivery service across Toronto, ON.

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